Sunday, June 3, 2012

Is this the right time for OKC to win it ALL?

If the Miami Heat have their "Big Three" following their arch rival Boston Celtics with their own set of "Big Three" plus Rondo. This young blood team named Oklahoma City Thunder is making their own noise, but if you'll take a look for BIG names, you only have Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook with a super-sub James Harden compare to what you will get from Miami and Boston.

Can you also consider them as a "Big Three"?
If not, then why they are winning like they have a "BIG FIVE!"?

In their last two series with the Defending Champ, Dallas Mavericks and a former Champ L.A. Lakers, OKC showed their toughness, their maturity is unreal! Basically we can call them a "Young Team" but are they really a "Young Team" on how they played this season specially the post season.

In the Western Conference Finals series against the veteran San Antonio Spurs on going with a tied series 2 and 2, OKC showed their lack of experience in the first two games but in the last two games in their home, Thunder answered the "Nasty" opening of the Spurs for this series.

The hunger of this team will put them in a very good position. The determination of this team to prove that they can "WIN IT ALL" will keep them improving their selves. But let's go back to the question, Is this the time for OKC to win it ALL?

Factors to consider: Composure, Intensity and Consistency

Composure. Yes! They need this, they are a young team and as history tells, young teams lose their composure when the crunch time comes. OKC proves in the regular shortened season that they can play with composure in the crunch time specially KD35 (Kevin Durant). The problem here is that, the team needs to accept that KD35 is their go-to-guy and Westbrook needs to play as a REAL point guard! Because if not, you already saw the result, in their first losses in the Conference Finals, Westbrook shot more compare to Durant, while in their last two wins Durant took over.

Intensity. They are young! And they have this incredible arena. This is what they have that separate them from other teams. The collegiate atmosphere in Chesapeake Arena gives the Thunder an incredible lift. They played well and they won their games when they play with more intensity compare to Spurs in the Conference Finals. They have more emotions and intensity that they should convert into good plays to have a rally and outplay (probably not outsmart) the very experienced San Antonio Spurs. Remember that Basketball is a game of Momentum and when OKC have the intensity they will dictate the game and momentum will be in their favor.

Consistency. Ofcourse they should sustain what they already have. They should sustain the effective basketball they are playing.

If they hold their composure, play like every game is a do or die game with an intensity that is immeasurable like what they showed in their last two games and sustain it, there's no doubt they can WIN IT ALL! even against the winner of the Eastern Conference Finals.

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