Thursday, September 29, 2011

PBA Teams 2011-2012 Line-Up (B-Meg Llamados)

Head Coach: Tim Cone

#          Player
0          Jonas Villanueva
1          Rico Maierhofer
Image by the PBA
2          Josh Urbiztondo
3          Mark Barroca
4          Rafi Reavis
8          PJ Simon
13        Roger Yap
15        Marc Pingris
18        James Yap
19        Jerwin Gaco
35        Kerby Raymundo
38        Joe Devance
55        John Ferriols
60        Hezy Val Acuna

With a new Head Coach, in the person of Tim Cone, this will be a new dimension for the Llamados. They still have the core fire power, James Yap, Simon, JDV, Pingris, and a new guard Mark Barroca.

The returning Maeirhofer, Raymundo and Reavis will bring them back to the Championship form that they had before. Their team is as best as the other team in the league, but how long will the timing of the reinstated players (Maeirhofer and Raymundo) can recover? How effective they will be in the real game? These are some of the questions that they need to look out when the season started.

Another interesting part of this team is their assistant coaches, they have, Jeffrey Cariaso and Johnny Abarrientos working together with their Head Coach Tim Cone. Is this a Grand Slam combination? This will be a big addition to a solid team like the Llamados.

It may take some time before they find their rhythm because their big guys need to find their timing in the court in the real game, but when it happen, this team will be a deadly team to face in any stage of the conference.

B-Meg Llamados is in the middle of the rankings but they could be a dark horse in the first conference if they could avoid injuries and if they find their whole rhythm in the right time.


  1. Where's Denzel Bowles here? He is one of the best import of this season. He can give a lot of points that can make his team to win.

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  2. Hi apple, this line-up was based on the All-Filipino Conf, B-Meg shuffled their line-up before entering the 2nd Conf where Denzel Bowles played.