Thursday, September 29, 2011

PBA Teams 2011-2012 Line-Up ( Clickers)

Head Coach: Franz Pumaren

Image by the PBA
#              Players
1              Brian Ilad
5              Jojo Duncil
7              Mark Angelo Canlas
9              Elmer Espiritu
10            Magi Sison
12            Paulo Hubalde
13            RJ Jazul
14            Ren-Ren Ritualo
15            Rogemar Menor
33            Vaughn Canta
41            Khazim Mirza
52            Dennis Daa

They are the newest and the youngest team in the league. Clickers are the most inexperience team among all the team, three of them might have championship experience in the PBA, namely, Jojo Duncil, Paulo Hubalde and Ren-Ren Ritualo but that's it, nothing more.

We should not expect a lot from this team. They are basically new team and there's a lot of things to fix in the start, the coach and players relationship, the chemistry of the newly formed team and the high level game in the PBA.

Ritualo is the only offensive option of the team, maybe Elmer Espiritu in the paint but he's not as reliable so far. Defense is also a huge problem for the team, how will they control the other powerhouse team? is in the bottom of the ranking. It is not a surprise because they are just starting and they need to fix a lot in their team. This is a building stage for the team, trial and error, and this will take so much time before they can be a complete team and find their own flow in the offensive and defensive ends.

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