Monday, September 26, 2011

Test of 'Bones'

Image by UFC
It happened at the Pepsi Center in Denver, the first test for the reigning Light Heavyweight Champion of UFC. Jones, prove that his 'Bones' can submit the top shaped Rampage.

The fight was dictated by the long reach of the Champion. Jones' boxing was undeniably good at that night, and he showed an improved striking skill.

Jon Jones unorthodox striking worked in his favor, he hit Jackson with his patented spinning back elbow in the early rounds. Leg kicks and knee kicks disrupted the attack of Rampage and it created openings for Jones.

Before the end of the 3rd round, Jones made a good ground attack with his elbow and that made a cut over the right eyebrow of Jackson. In the start of the 4th round, 'Bones' attacked aggressively and again took Rampage to the ground but this time, Jones got Rampage back and maneuver a Rear-Naked Choke that ended the fight.

Jones, fought the best conditioned Rampage but he proved that he could fight and win against the elite fighter of the sport.

Rampage said that, Jones beat the best shaped Rampage and Jones was here to stay...
Jones retained his title and continued his reign in the Light Heavyweight Division.

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