Monday, March 26, 2012

NBA Trade Deadline Analysis (Lakers-Cavs-Rockets)

This is one of the most unexpected and tough trades in history.

Lakers - Cavs Trade
- Lakers acquired Guard Ramon Sessions, Forward Christian Eyenga plus the Right to swap Heat's 2013 first-round draft pick
- Cavs got Forward Luke Walton, Forward Jason Kapono plus a First-Round pick (lottery-protected)

Lakers - Rocket Trade
- Lakers received Forward/Center Jordan Hill
- Rockets got Guard Derek Fisher (but he was waived by the Rockets and signed by OKC)

The re-bump in the roster of LA Lakers made them again a contender for a playoff run. The addition of Ramon Sessions give them a new dimension in offense especially now that they have a new coach. It gives them a more fast-phase game which Coach Mike Brown wants them to do.

It was a tough deal to do for the Lakers because D-Fish is their long time point guard. Although it was tough move I think it was a great decision, Lakers in now in the 3rd spot of the Western Conference with 30-18 (W-L) including a recent back-to-back win.

OKC became part of this talk because of their acquisition of Derek Fisher. After signing D-Fish, OKC won their last 3 games with Fisher. OKC is now on the top of Western Conference with a 37-12 win-lose record.

Could D-Fish be the torn in Lakers run for another title?

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