Monday, March 26, 2012

NBA Trade Deadline Analysis (Blazers-Nets-Rockets) and (Pacers-Raptors)

New Jersey Nets - Portland Trail Blazers Trade
NJ Nets is one of the most awaited team in the season trade deadline, because they are included in the "Dwight Howard Talk", but it did not happen instead they got:

- Forward Gerald Wallace (Nets)
- Blazers got Forward/Center Mehmet Okur, Forward Shawne Williams plus a Protected First-Round pick

In this trade I think Nets have the edge, Wallace made an early impact as soon as he get into the team. Some says that the Nets is one of the losers in the Trade Deadline because they weren't able to get Dwight Howard, but Howard also did not sign an extension contract with the Magic. Some says that Deron Williams could go to Dallas this coming off-season, but for the Nets the future is Now! Having a solid line up, with Williams, Wallace and Lopez might be the start of something for the future Brooklyn Nets.

Despite the the Nets record of 16-34 (W-L) 13th in the Eastern Conference they are still competing with a high level of basketball and in my opinion they are one of the Winners of the trade deadline.

Portland Trail Blazers is in a new formation, they are looking for the future of the team, they disposed the old players and looking for an effective addition this coming off-season.

With a 22-26 (W-L) Record, Blazers are still in the run for the playoffs because they are just 4 games behind the no.8 seed, the Houston Rockets.

Pacers - Raptors Trade
Indiana Pacers acquired Guard Leandro Barbosa in exchange with the Second-Round draft pick of the Raptors.

Pacers got a stable two-guard in Barbosa, he is a scoring threat and could also be a back-up for the point position. Indiana improve their chances in playoff contention. This team is very hungry for playoff success with the addition of a playoff veteran Barbosa they made the right decision in acquiring him for a playoff run.

With a 28-19 Win-Lose record they are in the 6th spot of the Eastern Conference.

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