Monday, March 26, 2012

NBA Trade Deadline Analysis (Warriors-Buck-Spurs)

Let's take a look with the trades that happened and the immediate effect or impact of that trades based on the games of the new players with their new teams.

First the Warriors - Bucks - Spurs Trade.

- Warriors received Center Andrew Bogut, Guard T.J. Ford, Forward Richard Jefferson and a Protected 2012 First-Round Pick
- Bucks acquired Guard Monta Ellis, Center Kwame Brown and Center Ekpe Udoh
- Spurs got Guard/Forward Stephen Jackson

It came out very surprising especially with Warriors fans because Monta Ellis was the face of the franchise for years but now the organization let him go.

It is not quite a hard decision for the Bucks to give up their priced center because Bogut was bothered by injuries in the past seasons and having Ekpe Udoh in their line up now, they are securing a solid man in the middle in their future.

Spurs and Captain Jack in now back in each other arms. After a solid run and a championship of Spurs in 2003 with Jackson, they let him go but now they acquired him back.

If we will look in the Team Standings of each team;
- Spurs 33-14 (W-L) 2nd in the Western Conference
- Bucks 22-26 (W-L) 9th in the Eastern Conference
- Warriors 20-26 (W-L) 13th in the Western Conference

When we look at it after the new faces played for their new teams. Spurs brought back the good old days and plan for another run in this season. With the addition of Captain Jack they form a formidable forward spot, with the young talents of Danny Green and the newly signed Boris Diaw they will have a complete rotation to back up their veteran players.

Bucks got a solid acquisition with Ellis and Udoh. Milwaukee now form a solid back-court combination with Jennings and Ellis and a future front-court players with Gooden and Udoh. This Bucks team will eventually get their rhythm and play with a high chemistry as a team and as soon as it happen they are a team to recognize. Their are just two games away from the 8th spot that qualified for the playoffs.

The loser of this trade is definitely the Warriors, I don't think so that Jefferson will make a difference for the team, plus Bogut is not healthy to play again and Ford is retiring. Yes, it is true that they will have a big and effective front court with Lee and Bogut, but the question is, when will it happen?

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