Monday, March 26, 2012

NBA Trade Deadline Analysis (Wizards-Clippers-Nuggets)

The Wizards - Clippers - Nuggets Trade

- Wizards got Center/Forward Nene and Forward Brian Cook plus a Future Second-Round Pick
- Clippers picked-up Guard Nick Young
- Nuggets acquired Center JaVale McGee and Forward/Center Ronny Turiaf (but Turiaf was waived and signed by the Heat)

Let's look at the standing of each team:
- Wizards 11-37 (W-L) 14th in the Eastern Conference
- Clippers 27-21 (W-L) 4th in the Western Conference
- Nuggets 26-23 (W-L) 9th in the western Conference

The acquisition of Nene for the Wizards is I guess a great move for the team. Nene is an experienced center suddenly Wizard got a post-presence and a reliable rebounder. This might not be the answer for the team but at least they are slowly establishing themselves in the right way. One of the good things in acquiring Nene is he will stay for awhile because he signed an extension contract with the Nuggets that will keep him with the Wizards.

The scoring power of the Clips strengthen when they received Nick Young. This acquisition solve the problem of Clips with two-guard and the injury of Chauncey Billups. Young is very explosive and a streak shooter, Clips will benefit with his scoring capabilities and shooting. This will give Blake Griffin and Kenyon Martin a more wide space in the paint because Nick Young will attract defense to go outside.

Everyone thought that the Nuggets would be in the losing end of this Trade because they lost Nene, but it seemed like it was a fair gain. Nuggets playing style is slowly going into a run-and-gun type of game, where JaVale McGee will perfectly fit plus his aggressive defense. In his debut as a Nugget, he made the game winning dunk. If JaVale improve his game with the Nuggets, he is a great addition for the team. The re-acquisition of Wilson Chandler will give more options in the offensive end.

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