Thursday, September 29, 2011

PBA Teams 2011-2012 Line-Up (Powerade Tigers)

Head Coach: Bo Perasol

#           Players
1           Celino Cruz
Image by the PBA
3           James Martinez
4           Rudy Lingganay
8           Francis Allera
10         Sean Anthony
13         Marcio Lassiter
17         Rommel Adducul
18         Doug Kramer
20         Gary David
22         Joshua Vanlandingham
24         Ricky Calimag
34         Will Antonio
42         JV Casio
43         Alex Crisano

They had the No. 1 pick of the recent draft, JV Casio. Tigers are loaded of very young but reliable players. Casio, Lassiter, Martinez, Anthony and Vanlandingham, this sets of players are not just players that came out of nowhere. They have a very reputable record in International Tournament, College career and PBADL experience. They may be 'rookies' but I don't think so they will play like rookie.

I can say that this team is a well balance team with regards to talent and experience. Gary David, Celino Cruz, Ricky Calimag, Will Antonio and Rommel Adducul have the wisdom and experience that can complement the young talent of their new players.

Tigers is in the lower part of the rankings, they are in the bottom two, it will take some time before the new players and the veteran will play in sync. They need to know how their new teammates play the game and how they will react on a higher level of basketball.

I don't expect them to be in the Quarterfinals or Semi Finals or even in the Finals, they may need more time, maybe this whole conference, just to know how Casio and David will play together inside the hardcourt in a real game.

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  1. There are no more Powerade in 38th season. If I am not mistaken, Barako Bull replaced this team now.

    By the way, I also want to share where you can find news about PBA so you can update this blog more often.