Thursday, September 29, 2011

PBA Teams 2011-2012 Line-Up (Barako Bull Energy)

Head Coach: Edmundo Baculi, Jr.

#            Players
4            Dorian Pena
Image by the PBA
5            Jondan Salvador
8            Don Allado
11          Willie Miller
14          Leo Najorda
16          Paul Artadi
18          Allein Maliksi
19          Wynne Arboleda
26          Paul Sorongon
33          Dylan Ababou
42          Danny Seigle
80          Sunday Salvacion
88          Mick Pennisi
95          Leo Avenido
Lou Gatumbato
Ken Acibar

The renewed Barako Team, they could be the surprise of the season. Why? This Barako Bull is a team that have the youth that are 'ready' for a higher level of basketball. Maliksi and Ababou both have an MVP on their resume, Maliksi in PBADL and Ababou in UAAP. They also have a former PBA MVP Willie Miller with a combination of Danny Seigle and veteran Wynne Arboleda.

They might have a problem in the low post because the only player that can play in the post is Allado. Jondan Salvador can also play in the pots but he is a bit smaller compare to the big men of other team. Salvador's post game was his arsenal when he was in the PBL (currently PBADL), the question is how effective he will do that in the PBA especially that he was hounded with injuries in the early part of his professional career.

Barako Bull, will be in the lower mid of the rankings, if this will be a 2nd coming of "Miller Time" Willie Miller and Danny Seigle need to perform well and keep healthy to continuously help Barako win games.

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