Friday, October 7, 2011

Tony Parker will play for $2,000?

Tony Parker
Image by the NBA
During the NBA lockout, San Antonio Spurs' premier guard Tony Parker will play for a ball club in France. It's not as surprising as it looks because we all know that there are players going overseas to compensate their absence in the hard wood.

What surprising though is All -Star and 2007 Finals MVP Tony Parker will play for just $2,000 per month!? Yes! you read it right, it is just $2,000! Oh! My apology, my numbers were wrong, let me correct it, it is merely $1,995 per month. Even more surprising, right?! Parker told to an interview that he will play almost for free.

ASVEL a team in southeast of France will be the team of Tony Parker which he had a 20% stake. (Now, we understand why.) Parker is the Vice President of the ball club and he wants to help the team to advance in the league and he said that if he will play for the whole season, they'll go for the title.

This is a sort of a "love of the game" situation for Parker, because compare to the $12.5 million that he will make this year with Spurs he will still play for just, $1,995, well it is his team anyway. He wants to help his team, who could blame him?

Nevertheless, Parker is a basketball player and he will do what he wants to do and that is play the game he loved, Basketball.

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