Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kobe out or stay?

Where is Kobe going?
An Italian team is still working to get the Lakers prime time player Kobe Bryant. The Virtus Bologna is making a double time effort to get Kobe play for their team. A 10-game deal worth about a little over $3 million during the NBA lockout. Agent Rob Pelinka and Bologna President Claudio Sabatini may have reach an agreement but they are paying so much attention to the smallest details of the deal for the benefit of both sides.

"The Black Mamba" Kobe Bryant
image by the NBA
Kobe showed his interest in playing for an Italian team. He lived in Italy between ages 6 to 13 because his father was playing in Italy that time. In fact, Kobe still knows how to speak fluent Italian.

Meanwhile, Bologna would have to seal the deal with in this week to register Kobe before the opening game with Roma this coming Sunday.

However, it may look like a "sealed deal" for Kobe and Bologna but still the deal will depend on the other teams of the Italian League. Especially the smaller market like Cremona and Varese because they don't want to change their schedule and give Bologna a 5 home games within the 10-game contract of Bryant and put the away games in the biggest arenas of Italy.

If Kobe will play for Bologna, he could possibly teaming up with another NBA Superstar, Manu Ginobili. The veteran Spur already played for the Virtus Bologan from 2000-02 before joining the NBA. If the situation will go in favor of Bologan, Kobe and Manu will go against their fellow NBA star Danilo Gallinari who will play for Olimpia Milano. Another Italian team is within talk to an NBA star, Andrea Bargani. Teramo, Montegranaro like to have Bargani in their team and if that happen, he will play against Kobe, Manu and Gallinari.

Could that happen? Kobe out for another team outside the NBA? Well, this coming Tuesday another Owners and Players Union meeting will be made. This will determine if the NBA will start on time or will hang for a longer time. Also, it will determine if will Kobe pursue the deal with Bologna in Italy.

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