Monday, October 10, 2011

UFC 136 Ends with Clear Closure

And still...
Frankie Edgar proved me wrong when I stated that there will be a "NEW" Lightweight Champion and he "Answer"ed me with a very convincing win.

Edgar weathered the storm in the first round when Gray "The Bully" Maynard bullied him and threw a barrage of punches including a knee buckling upper cut and right there everyone thought that it was all over.

BUT... the resilient champ survived the attack of Maynard and made his way back and brought his self into the fight again in the following rounds. Edgar moved like there's nothing happened in the first round. He made good combinations that rattled Maynard and in the fourth round...

Edgar hit Maynard with a big upper cut while going up and followed by four right hooks in the face of "The Bully" and it ended the Trilogy with a Clear Closure!

Aldo retained his title

A very tentative start for the World Featherweight Champ Jose Aldo. Despite that, he successfully defended his title against Florian. The more aggressive and more motivated "Ken-Flo" was countered by the Takedown defense of the champ, Aldo threw more accurate punches and combinations including his deadly inside leg kicks to sealed his 2nd title defense in the UFC.

His last two title fights in the UFC were all ended in a Unanimous decision. This showed that Aldo's counter part was in the ground game. Hominick and Florian took the fight in a wrestling match and Aldo had a hard time in both fights. It's time for Jose Aldo to use his submission maneuver or even improved it to counter wrestling opponents.

He's BACK!
Chael Sonnen made his come back in the UFC 136. After a long set back of 14 months, finally the arch rival of Anderson Silva is back.


Sonnen won his fight against Brian Stunn by an impressive submission. In the 2nd round Sonnen made Stunn tapout due to an Arm-Triangle. Sonnen dominated the fight by his aggressiveness and wrestling maneuvers.

The fight was very impressive and exciting but the last statement of Sonnen was more controversial, Why? Let me quote Sonnen, he said, "Silva is absolutely suck! I want a rematch, if Silva wins I will leave UFC forever but if I win Silva will leave the Division."

That's even more exciting!

J-Lau's quick finish
Guillard was very intense when he entered the octagon. It seemed that he wants to finish the fight as early as he could but unfortunately it back fired.


A counter left hook of Joe "J-Lau" Lauzon dropped Melvin Guillard on the ground and after that...


"The Young Assassin" Guillard was assassinated by a rare-naked choke. It just took 47 seconds for Lauzon to do his maneuver and submit Guillard in the very first round of their match.

For me there was only one fight that made the night! It was the Leonard Garcia and Nam Phan match.


It was an action packed match! No backing down! No slowing down! All three rounds were so exciting. The first two rounds were dominated by Nam Phan, but in the third round Garcia pulled out an unbelievable haymaker that put Phan on the ground. Nam Phan recovered fast and got back on his feet. Again they didn't slow down, they continued their fight and until the last seconds of the match they were exchanging punches and kicks. Nam Phan won the fight via Unanimous Decision. It was no doubt the best fight of the night!

Other Fight Results:
155 lbs.: Anthony Pettis defeats Jeremy Stephens via Split Decision
185 lbs.: Demian Maia defeats Jorge Santiago via Unanimous Decision

(All highlights of the fight by the

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