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UAAP Four-Peat History: Four Teams with Four-Peat

Only Four Teams have 'Four-Peat'
in UAAP History
UE Red Warriors
Image by the UAAP Sports
University of the East (U.E.) Red Warriors
Championship run
(1969-70, 1971-72, 1972-73, 1974-75)
This was led by the legendary coach Baby Dalupan and 'The Living Legend' Robert Jaworski

This Four-Peat run of UE was made before the teams of UAAP was cut to 8 teams, it was in 1987 when the 8-team format started. In fact UE Red Warriors had the most number of consecutive championship with 7 straight titles and also the most number of Finals appearance with 16 straight season from 1957 to 1972.

Red Warriors and UST have the same number of UAAP men's basketball championships with 18, the second most wins in UAAP history behind the 19 titles of FEU.

UST Growling Tigers
Image by the UAAP Sports
University of Sto. Tomas
(U.S.T.) Growling Tigers
Championship run
(1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97)
Coach Aric del Rosario was the director of this Four-Peat by the  UST in the early and mid 90's. They only have five Finals appearance since 1987 but they were perfect, 5 of 5.

In the Final Four era in 1993-94, UST swept the elimination 14-0 and because of that they were automatically became the Champion of that season. They finished 3rd in the 1994-95 season with 8-4 (W-L) record, Growling Tigers defeated UE in the Semi Finals that season (87-81, 83-74) and beat La Salle in the Finals (2-1). For the third straight year, UST enter in the Final Four, in the 1995-96 season, they finished the elimination on top again 11-3 (W-L), they faced FEU in the Semi Finals and they won that series (65-76, 74-68). Again they battled the Green Archer in the Finals and for the 2nd straight year UST won over La Salle (2-1). The 1996-97 season they finished No. 2 in the elimination, they fought UP in the semis and won that game (63-56). UST and La Salle meet again in the Finals that year and it was the same result, UST get their 4th straight title after they dismissed La Salle (2-0).

UST had the most number of basketball championships in UAAP History, they made 40 titles in overall record.

DLSU Green Archer
Image by the UAAP Sports
De La Salle University
(D.L.S.U.) Green Archers
Championship run
(1998-99, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2001-02)
The architect of this success was the Green Archer's finest Coach Franz Pumaren. They made their run in the late 90's and early 2000's and this was where they had their best ever players, like Ren- Ren Ritualo, Mike Cortez, BJ Manalo, and Mac Cuan.

Green Archer's own Four-Peat was included in the 7 UAAP overall titles, and 5 of 7 was made in the leadership of Franz Pumaren. After their three straight losses against UST in the Finals from 1994-97, they made their own History by writing their own version of 'Four-Peat' by beating FEU in the Finals of the 61st season of UAAP. They also retaliate to UST in the 62nd season by defeating Growling Tigers in the Finals (1-2). FEU and DLSU fought again in the Finals in the 63rd season but Green Archers took their 3rd straight Championship that year. And the sweetest one was when they completed their 'Four-Peat' against their arch rival Ateneo Blue Eagles in the 64th season of UAAP.

La Salle also known for their 13 times appearance in the Finals in their 22 years in UAAP History.

And now including to the Elite Group...
Ateneo Blue Eagles
Image by the UAAP Sports
Ateneo De Manila University
(A.D.M.U.) Blue Eagles
Championship run
(2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12)
The undeniably flexible program of Coach Norman Black made this history. They completed their goal of getting their 4th straight title in four straight years and became part of the Elite Group of 'Four-Peaters'.

In season 71 of UAAP, Blue Eagles fought their arch rival De La Salle in the Finals. Ateneo defeated LaSalle in a convincing fashion, 69-61 in Game 1 and 62-51 in Game 2, they swept the Archers that year in their four meetings of the season. It was a thriller in the season 72 Finals, UE against the Eagles. In Game 1 of their best of three series, UE erased the 17-point lead by the Eagles in the halftime but still Ateneo managed to beat the Red Warriors, 78-71. The Red Warriors respond in Game 2, they defeated the Eagles in a blow out, 88-68. In the deciding Game 3 of the series, Ateneo made sure that they will bring home a back-to-back title, and they did that, they clinched their 2nd straight title, 71-58. The following two seasons became a duel between, FEU and Ateneo. In season 73, Ateneo never won a single game in the elimination against FEU, but in the Finals it was a totally different story. In Game 1 of the Finals, the Blue Eagles blew away FEU as early as in the first quarter, they ended the first 10 minutes with a huge lead, 26-8 and ended the first game of the series, 72-49. A close game in Game 2, tight competition all through out the game but Ateneo continued its winning habit, they beat FEU, 65-62 and secured a rare 3-peat.

Now, in the recent season 74 of UAAP, the Tamaraws had their chance to redeem their selves from last year's lost but Ateneo made a strong statement from the pre-season up to the last second of the Finals. They never let FEU beat them in a single game of the season.

An they became the 4th team in the Elite Group and first ever to have a 'Four-Peat' as the Host of the current season.

Next year, they still have Ravena and Salva for sure, but Slaughter is a question mark. Can they make a 'Five-Peat'?

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