Monday, October 3, 2011

AZKALS: Another Draw?

Azkals met the Host of the Long Teng Cup Chinese Taipei, yestreday (October 2) for their second match in the tourney, and it ended where it started, 0 and 0.

It was a long hard fought game. 90+3 minutes was the total time they played the game and unfortunately for the Philippine Team they ended again the game in a draw.

Last year's match of Azkals and Taipei in the Long Teng Cup (October 10, 2010) also ended in a draw. Taipei made their point in the first half of last year's game and Ian Araneta made a goal in the extended minutes of the game to tied it at 1-1.

Azkals fought almost the same Taipei team they met last year but they didn't maximized the opportunity that they had. I thought that they were a stronger team compare to last year but still it was 0-0 when they ended the game.

This blemished the record of Azkals from a good bounce back after a Draw game. They made incredible come backs from a draw against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in their previous games, but this time they were stagnant to a draw, no come back what so ever.

Younghusband (Phil), Caligdong, Araneta and Guirado had their chances to score a goal but the defense and goal keeping of Taipei was amazing. They made traps to forced Azkals in the off-side and disrupted the flow of their offense, but hands down also to Philippine team because they matched the intensity level and experience of Taipei.

Azkals are now in the 3rd rank with 2 points, after Taipei and Hong-Kong that both have 4 points and a win against Macau. HK made an astonishing 5-1 score against Macau before the game of Azkals and Taipei, and that puts HK on the top of the rankings again this year.

The Philippine Team should make a very significant run in their next game against Macau. If not, Azkals will wait again for their chance to get their first title.

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