Saturday, October 1, 2011

Azkals vs HKG ends with Draw

Azkals came back from 2 goals down and end up with 3-3 draw against the defending champion Hong-Kong in their first match in the Long Teng Cup in Taipei.

Chieffy Caligdong
(image by goovychicmaet)
This veteran Azkal worked his way to led his team in a draw. Coach Michael Weiss emphasized the strong effort of his winger Caligdong.

Chieffy's two goals put Azkals in the lead for awhile, everyone thought that the Philippines would win this one against the highly favored Hong-Kong.

But Cheng Lai Hin of HK made a late goal to tied the game.

It was a very physical game that the Philippine Azkals fought up to the end. HK made an early surged and led 2-0 in the first part of the game. It was the two consecutive goals of Lee Wai Lim and Cheng Lai Hin that put them in an early lead.

Azkals put their first point by a penalty kick of Phil Younghusband and then followed by another goal by Caligdong that ended the first half tied at 2-2.

Then, it was Caligdong's effort that gave Azkals the first taste of the lead in the game. An unbelievable goal by Chieffy in the second half put Azkals in the lead 2-3. In the 61st minute of the game Filipino Fans thought that the National Team (Azkals) already won the game but with just 3 minutes remaining in the game clock, Cheng Lai Hin made a goal from a blocked penalty kick of his teammate Au Yeung Yiu Chung and that tied the score to 3 and 3.

Azkals keep their hopes alive in winning the first trophy of the Philippine Football team for the first time after a very long drought.

That was a strong effort by the Azkals, considering that the chemistry of this team is still in limbo. The team experienced in and out players, controversies, changes in the line-up and the combinations of this team were just put together in less than a year.

Philippine Team will play again this coming Sunday, October 2, against the host team, Taiwan. With five new players in the line up, namely, Roland Muller (new goal keeper), Matthew Hartmann, Jeff Christiaens, Carlos de Murga and Oliver Poetschke, how will the Azkals continue their good run? and hopefully win their first title for the fist time in a long time.

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