Tuesday, October 4, 2011


When you need a GOAL who you gonna call? It's CHIEFFY!
All over again Chieffy saved the day for the Azkals.

In the first half of their last game in the Long Teng Cup, Azkals aggressively attacked the defense of team Macau. Ian Araneta had his chance to score the first point of the game in 27th minute of the first half but it was saved the goal keeper of Macau.

Another chance for Mark Hartmann but again a missed opportunity in the first half. After 45 minutes of action Azkals and Macau tied at 0 and 0.

Phil had his own fair share of chances to score but his shot was either a little wide or saved by the goal keeper. It was an off night for Phil Younghusband. Chieffy went off the bench this time and from there on, everything became so different. The veteran left wingman of Coach Weiss had his first chance to score but it just hit the goal post and went out.

In the 58th minute of the game a free kick was made and here comes Chieffy to the rescue and made the first GOAL of the game for the Azkals. The Philippine team had a lot of chances to score especially Mark Hartmann. He made 5 attacks but he was so unfortunate that none of it made its way to the goal.

Macau also made their attacks especially in the 84th minute of the game and it was a scary moment for the Filipino Fans because Macau almost made a goal but luckily it went wide.

One major move that Mark Hartmann made was the assist to Chieffy in the 88th minute of the game that led to another goal for the Azkals and they led 2 to nothing against Macau 3 minutes before the end of the game. There was a last opportunity for the Azkals to pushed the lead to 3-0 in the last seconds of the game but the shot of Chieffy went just high over the goal and the game ended with a score 2-0 in favor of Azkals.

The disappointment for Azkals was the missed free kicks that they had, they should have maximized that opportunity but Macau did well in defending most of the free kicks of Azkals. Another thing that caught my attention was the Yellow Cards of the Azkals especially De Jong. It will hurt the team one way or another if they will not control their temper and to much aggressiveness.

Now, everything depends on the game of Hong-Kong and Taiwan if we will finish 3rd or 2nd. Currently we're on the 3rd spot but after the game of HK and the Host Taiwan it will improve but hopefully it will not be a draw because we will stay in the 3rd rank.

Nevertheless, the performance of Azkals was way better compare to last year. This year we made 2 draws including the game with the defending champion HK and a win against Macau.

Next target for the Azkals a win over Singapore and Nepal!

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