Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Domino effect of NBA lockout

With NBA cancelling their first 2 weeks of the season and this will cost a lot for certain players not to mentioned all the fans that already have their seats, employees and businesses around the cities

The small-market cities of NBA will suffer more like Salt Lake City of Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma of Kevin Durant, compare to those who have medium to big markets. NBA owners will lose an average of $1 million every cancelled game while the players will lose about $350 million per month and here are the most affected players for this season's lockout.

1. Kobe Bryant, the highest paid player in the NBA will lose about $1,941,846.15 per paycheck 
2. Rashard Lewis, will not receive about $1,704,000  per paycheck
3. Tim Duncan, had a $1,638,461.54 per paycheck but he wont be able to get that until the season resume
4. Kevin Garnett, his bi-weekly paycheck of $1,630,769.23 will be cut off in the first two weeks of the season
5. Gilbert Arenas, will not have his $1,482,254.46 per paycheck in the start of the season
6. Dirk Nowitzki, came out with his legendary performance last year but this season he will be one of the most affected without $1,468, 682.54 per paycheck plus the delay of his Championship Ring
7. Pau Gasol, will lose about $1,439,550 per paycheck, why not play for his country for awhile?
8. Carmelo Anthony, after his request trade last year, now with this lockout he wont be able to get his $1,423,076.92 per paychecks of his technically new contract
9. Amar'e Stoudemire, the back-to-back duo of Anthony in NYK will also suffer for not receiving his $1,401,361.92 per paycheck
10. Joe Johnson, the go-to-guy of ATL will be part of this list and he will start his new 6-year contract extension without the $1,387,582.54 per paycheck in the first two weeks

Who could blame them if they want to play overseas and have a better paychecks until the NBA lockout is over.
(Sources: The Post Game/ Yahoo! Sports)

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