Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayweather KOed Otiz: "Cheap" Knock-Out?

Mayweather K.O. Ortiz in the 4th round
(image by INTERAKTV/Reuters)
Mental lapses on the side of now the former WBC Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz (29-3-2 with 22 KOs). It was in the 4th Round where Ortiz made his rage and became the aggressor in the fight, but som much eagerness caused him a lot, in fact too much. Ortiz threw a headbutt to Mayweather and it was clearly saw by the Referee Joe Cortez.

He stopped the fight and deducted a point to Victor Ortiz, then he put the time "IN" and resumed the fight, the Mexican Boxer was caught off guard by the undefeated Mayweather. Floyd's left and right combination finished the fight and put Ortiz in the mat.

(Watch the video from

Joe Cortez never made sure that both fighters were ready to fight and Mayweather made a controversial Knock-Out in the 4th Round.

Mayweather became the
New WBC Welterweight Champion
Will it happen? The Mega-Fight 'Pacquiao vs Mayweather'? 'Money' Floyd Mayweather improved his record to 42-0 still unblemished with 26 knock-outs. Who will beat this guy? Will it be 'PacMan'? He will rest and wait for his next opponent now but how will this "Dirty KO" affect Mayweather? Maybe he wouldn't be affected at all. He is Mayweather and he will be like that, not actually a "dirty fighter" but vicious fighter like what he did in his fight with Ortiz, he said, "In the ring, you have just to protect yourself at all times. I was victorious. If he wants a re-match, he can get a re-match". But now as we all know, whether we like him or not, he is FLOYD "Money" MAYWEATHER., and the confidence of this guy will sky rocket again for the nth time.

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