Thursday, September 15, 2011

NBA (N.o B.asketball A.greement)

2011-12 NBA SEASON

No results. No deals. No paychecks. No Basketball.

Billy Hunter the Union Executive Director sat with his board of players in a meeting held in midtown Manhattan. They waited 3-hours for the owners and Commissioner David Stern in the room and they expected that they would get result from the debate of the owners that day. Well, they did get the result, unfortunately bad result. Still, the owners stick to their plan and they wanted the union to be dissolved, because they believed that they could win this agreement and there's no need for them to compromised anything.

Players were expecting to have a better result after that meeting but Hunter, will fly to Vegas on Wednesday with nothing. How will this scenario affect the season? Especially the players that will eventually suffer from not receiving paychecks. With a wrong speculation of Hunter that Stern would help them to have a better result, the union suffer from it, because Stern, didn't.

There were splits in the decision of the owners in that meeting, the Big-Market wanted a deal but the Small and Medium Market wanted to prolonged the war. Well, owners might have the same idea of destroying the union because they could afford to missed games or even the whole season for it.

Hunter is facing his biggest problem as an Executive Director of the Union. Agents already losing their patience and Hunter might lose them all. Are they planning for a coup against Hunter?

The meeting on Wednesday in Vegas will not be good at all. Most of the players and agents were expecting Hunter to bring them good news and they would start the season on time, I guess Hunter will have a lot of explanation to do in that meeting.

NBA is already losing players because of the Lock-Out. Players were considering overseas contract and that might hurt the Association if they would do nothing to resolved this issue.

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