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Who made the best decision in this PBA's Annual Draft? (with Complete Analysis of their Choice)

Choosing is over.
It's time to figure out which team made
a good, a better and the best decision in this year's Rookie Draft.
Let's list down some points and find out if your favorite team made the best choice. 

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Jayvee Casio, a good combo guard. He can shoot, set his team mates, and also a reliable player under pressure. Powerade made a good choice in picking him, Gary David and Casio will make a very good guard combination for the Tigers. Coach Bo Perasol and the Tigers probably had a hard in choosing between Lee and Casio but they ended up with the well experienced SMART GILAS point guard. 4th overall Marcio Lassiter, another dependable player for the Tigers. Lassiter's outside shot will help the Tigers in their offense, with his aggressiveness and play making skill, Marcio will be a threat for other teams in the league.
(other pick of Powerade Tigers John Marc Agustin 21st overall - 11th pick in the 2nd Round)

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Paul Lee, a big built and well rounded player. This guard from the UE Red Warriors and also a product of the PBA D-League will be a good addition for the Rain or Shine, after this team lost a formidable point guard in the person of Sol Mercado, they struggle to find the focal point of their offense. By acquiring Lee on their system, they probably got the piece they needed to have a good run for a championship. And I think this guy will be a very good fit in Yeng Guiao's system, and perhaps the final piece they are looking for. (No other pick/s for ROS Elasto Painters)

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Chris Lutz (3rd overall pick) I guess this choice is one of the steals in the draft (not by the pick itself but by the trade that put Petron in the 3rd Overall). Petron originally have the 8th pick slot, but after the trade, a blockbuster trade (Petron gets the Cebuano Hotshot Dondon Hontiveros, Carlo Shrama and the No.3 pick and that is Chris Lutz while Barako Bull gets the veteran center Mick Pennisi, sharpshooter Sunday Salvacion, the no.8 pick, 2014 1st round and future 2nd round pick.) they acquired the wingman of SMART GILAS. Lutz is a very agile and can play two to three different position and that's what Coach Ato is searching for, a player like, Arwind Santos or J-Wash that can play multiple positions. In the third round Boosters chose Filemon Fernandez (23rd overall - 2nd pick in the Third Round). This guy played basketball in the US, although he's just 5 feet 8 inches in height he helped his team in the US to be unbeaten and won the championship.
(other pick of Petron Blaze Boosters Gerald Lapuz 24th overall - only pick in the 4th Round)

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The newest team in town. This team will be led by the UAAP Champion Coach, Franz Pumaren. They have three picks in their first stint in the Annual Draft of the PBA. The team was literally building a new set of players, and in their first pick they chose 5th Overall, Mark Barroca. A former FEU standout and also part of the SMART GILAS Team Pilipinas. He is a daredevil guard that can attack the basket with no hesitation in his mind. He also has a decent mid range shooting, BUT this 5th overall slot became controversial because of the trades that has been made in the past. Originally the 5th overall pick of 2011 was awarded to Purefoods (B-Meg) and then traded to Barako Bull ( and then returned back to the Purefoods Franchise. Therefore, this daredevil guard Mark Barroca will go to the Purefoods Franchise in this season. In the second round, they picked Magi Sison 11th overall (1st pick in the 2nd Round). He is a former Fighting Maroon, can score, rebound and defend inside the paint. This team needs a big man and this young guy could be the start. He is 6'7 and can banged bodies inside the paint and that's what Coach Pumaren needs for a start. Mark Cagoco (22nd Overall - 1st pick in the 3rd Round) a product of PBADL and he also played for the JRU Bombers in the NCAA. He will also be a good addition for this new team, we know that he can score and play the game.

Image by the PBA
Mac Bracael the 6th Overall pick of this year's draft. Alaska made a very good choice with Baracael, they barely need a big wingman after they lost "JDV" Joe Devance on a trade. Baracael had a good career in UAAP and also became a part of Team Pilipinas. Coach Tim Cone will have another option in the wing with this guy, MacMac have a reliable mid range shooting and can banged bodies as well inside the paint. He will be good in the triangle offense of Alaska Aces This franchise also picked, former Blue Eagles point guard Eric Salamat, foreign point guard Julius Paculado and big man Ariel Mepana consecutively in the 13th, 14th and 15th overall picks. I want to emphasized the 14th overall pick Julius Pasculado. There were speculations that he could be the steal of this year's annual draft. He played in PBADL for Cebuana Lhullier Gems. He has a complete set of skills for a natural point guard, he can handle the ball well, set his teammates, shoot the ball and attack the basket. We barely saw him playing the game because he grew up in the States. But one big comparison was made with regards to his ability, they said "HE WILL BE THE NEXT Mark Caguioa". WOW! That's one big shoe to fill in.

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To start with, Bolts originally have no slot in this rookie draft, but hours before the Draft they made trades that put them in the mix. The no.7 pick overall fell in their hands and they chose, Jason Ballesteros a former San Sebastian standout. He is a big guy standing at 6'7 in height, a Power Forward that can help Coach Ryan Gregorio in manipulating the paint. Meralco barely needed a big man, and Ballesteros could be the start of a new breed of big men Coach Ryan was looking for. They got the 17th Overall pick (7th pick in the 2nd Round) Gilbert Bulawan as well. Here's another Forward for the Bolts, and also a product of the Stags. In his college career he made a quite impressive stats, 8.5ppg and 5.2rpg. If he can do this kind of performance or even surpass it, he will be a good addition for the front line of the Bolts.

Image by the PBA
The returning team in the PBA. They have four pick slots in the Draft. They pick the no.8 overall and they chose, the MVP of PBADL last season and a Growling Tigers Allein Maliksi. A versatile Forward, and he could be the focal point of the new offense of the new Barako team. This team is a young team and in the building process but Maliksi could be the center piece of the new set of players they will bring in the league. Another MVP caliber player added in their line up when they picked the no.10 overall, also a UST Growling Tiger and part of the SMART GILAS Team Pilipinas, Dylan Ababou.  This young guy will be one of the back to back young guns of the Barako, with his international game experience he can have an advantage in playing the game.
They also acquired a UE Red Warrior front line in the person of Ken Acibar.  This 6'6 guy could be small but not afraid to fight and find his position inside the paint. Young Barako team will benefit from his aggressiveness and willingness to sacrifice his body.
(other pick of Barako Bull Paul John Sorongon 20th overall - 10th pick in the 2nd Round)

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The crowd favorite had the 9th and 18th overall picks.
Reil Cervantes was the 9th overall picked in this year's draft. He will be a good addition in the front line of Ginebra. Gin Kings is loaded of guards that's why they really need big bodies that can play inside the paint and compliment with Erik Menk and Enrico Villanueva. Reil had a good College ball career and if he can bring it to the Gin Kings he will be a worthy addition for the team. Gin Kings fans will have another reason to go crazy because this franchise got a another Heartthrob and that is, James Martinez of UE Red Warriors, but he is not just a face. He was the team captain of the Red Warriors when he was playing for UE. He has a good outside shot and can play under pressure. He will be another addition for the loaded guard rotation of the Gin Kings, but Coach Jong may have other things in mind, maybe he wants a fast line up or he is already starting a new sets of players, Kings already have, John Wilson, Jimbo Aquino, Reil Cervantes and James Martinez as new breed of players and the future of this team.

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They only had one pick and they chose Brian Ilad (16th overall - 6th pick in the 2nd Round). A bigman that can be added in their rotation, now that most of their bigmen were injured (Kerby Raymundo, Marc Pingris and Rico Maierhofer) he could be a nice complimentary big man in the middle. Llamados will also have the No.5 pick (Mark Barroca) even though Shopinas made the choice but the rights will go to B-Meg because of the trades that were made in the past that include the No.5 pick. Barroca will be a good addition to the line up of Llamados, because they really need a pure point guard that can also penetrate and create for his teammates.

Image by the PBA
The powerhouse team in the PBA. This team made another valuable addition in their rosters. They made the 12th overall pick - 2nd pick in the 2nd round and only pick in the draft, and they acquired a future star in the PBA, he is Pamboy Raymundo. This point guard from Baste will have a bright future in the PBA, with his leadership skill, on court presence and with the additional help from the best point guard of the league Jimmy Alapag, he had the best set of materials in succeeding his career in the PBA.

They lost a valuable draft in Mark Barroca because of decision lapses in their side and that will make a big impact on their team
I don't know how they can afford to lose a player like Dondon Hontiveros, well, they got some new reliable players in other hand, but this very young team will have a hard time in competing in the level of PBA for awhile.
They made a good addition in acquiring Cervantes but I don't know about Martinez, like I said, Gin Kings is loaded with guards and the rotation will be shorter if they will play all the guards in their team. They could get Acibar or any reliable or hardworking bigman to add force in the paint, but they could also put Martinez or other player, particularly guards, in the trading block in searching for a decent bigman.

They had a break in getting Barroca, he will be a very good addition for the Llamados, they really need a point that will help the veteran Roger Yap and one time finals MVP Jonas Villanueva in the back court.
Considering the fact that in the start they didn't even had a slot in the draft and then ended up with a young talent of Ballesteros and Bulawan, they made a pretty good addition of front lines in their line up.
They made pretty good choices with Baracael, Salamat, Pasculado and Mepana. But Coach Tim Cone need to see that you deserved the playing time that he will give you. No doubt that Baracael will play because they really need another wingman for the Triangle. Salamat and Pasculado will earn their playing time. Triangle is a very sensitive offensive set up and LA Tenorio do it very well. (Will Pasculado be the real steal of the draft? We will see.)

Ofcourse having the opportunity to pick the 1st overall will always be a good problem. Tigers, made the best decision in choosing Casio, they need his ability to score and create for his teammates and very good compliment for Gary David.
Tigers made a favor for this franchise by choosing Casio, I'm not saying that Casio in not a worthy choice for ROS, but in my opinion Lee is the best fit for this team. And they also made a good move by not adding any new face except for Lee. Chemistry is one reason why ROS went beyond the expectations of other team.
They made a steal! by acquiring back their "Cebuano Hotshot" Dondon Hontiveros. They also made a good choice by picking Lutz over the other available players at that time. Why? Lutz, can play multiple position and he can play side by side with Santos or J-Wash. And one more thing, I have a big feeling that Filemon Fernandez will be a surprise this coming season.
Pamboy Raymundo is a very good choice for the Texters. He will be the best complimentary addition in the rotation for Alapag and Castro in the point. It will not be a surprise if Castro will play number two in most of their games next season, it will be a mismatch for most of the guards because Castro is so fast, that's why he is "The Blur". And they also made the best decision for the team by not getting too many players, because we all know that they are a POWER HOUSE team already.

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